Checking account binding to WMID

Binding account to WMID

As you know, Webmoney payment system has certain requirements for WM title marks exchange with other systems and vice versa. We follow these rules. The system checks the data in exchanged systems for its binding to your WMID. For example, if you own a QIwi wallet, you have to bind it to WMID.
See below how to do that:

  • To bind Skrill or PayPal to Webmoney, add your Skrill or PayPal account at your WMID in the Attestation service. Clicking on the link above, you need to edit the item "Registrations with other systems" in "Contact information" section
  • (click on picture to enlarge):

    • Find how to bind a card to Webmoney here
    • Find how to bind an bank account to Webmoney here
    • Learn about binding Qiwi and Yandex to Webmoney here
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